Hello, I'm Your Personal Lawyer Or Just Angel
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Personal lawyer

A personal lawyer is like a family doctor and a kind of «first aid», because the client can cause it to resolve any unexpected difficulties. A personal or family lawyer in most countries of the world has long been the norm of life. For example, in the state of California (US) more than 60 percent of habitants have the personal lawyer for everyday life. A personal lawyer is obliged to protect the interests of the client, and do these not only when there was such a need, but also pre-warn the client against any unintended consequences of their reckless action.

In everyday life, there is often a lot of situations that require competent and urgent decisions and in such cases very important to adopt the right attitude. For example, any answer given to police officers may be used against you in a court of law. In such cases, there is an urgent need call to personal lawyer who immediately will protect your interests.

Most people think that they may need the services of a professional defense only when there is an urgent need for this. A personal lawyer will become your constant companion in life, and at any moment will help you determine the legality of any of your actions. The personal lawyer you can call at any time of the day or night in the event of an emergency.

The personal lawyer is aware of the client all (or nearly all). Thereby, in this case, the protection will be more effective - because the lawyer does not need to get on the inside, and develop effective line of defense.

Los Angeles
The Californian Umbrellas
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THE UMBRELLA, LA, California

The Eco Project «UMBRELLA» (Los Angeles, California) has received the first $5,000 from LA Cleantech Corridor and Green District Competition. Participants of competition should offer concepts of transformation of the central part of a mega-city in the present generator of hybrid technologies and green innovations.

Project UMBRELLA developed by architects by Constantin Boincean, Ralph Bertram and Aleksandra Danielak, represents group of solar evaporators in the form of umbrellas-mushrooms which collect and recycle city sewage then again return on a streets by evaporation and condensation, promoting formation of a net of picturesque green public visual environments.

Unusual Californian Umbrellas

Los Angeles, CA

The vision of «the Corridor of High-Tech Eco-Technologies» — the multipurpose zone which will capture more 2,000 acres of land nearby of Los Angeles — have introduced about seventy participants — ecologists, architects, designers, experts in a visual environment, engineers, town-planners. UMBRELLA has been chosen, as the most professional and harmonious decision promoting the further development of an aesthetic and harmless urban environment.

Eco-Technologies of Silicon Valley

Eco technologies

Authors of the Eco project and organizers of competition hope that organic forms of UMBRELLA will serve as good stimulus for the further development of Los Angeles eco-design infrastructure.


Thus, each UMBRELLA becomes the coordination center for social events and actions and will be connected with the colleagues-twins by means of the City Net, including, new type of transport.

Los Angeles
Walt Disney Concert Hall
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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Building of the newest concert hall in Los Angeles has begun in December, 1999 and has been finished in 2003. Walt Disney Concert Hall project cost: about 170 million dollars. The design of building it was necessary to introduce some corrective amendments because of complaints of inhabitants of the near houses, because the steel panels will create strong sun rays, so in some apartments opposite there was an intolerable heat, and the temperature of a surface of sidewalk reached 60 °C.

Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Los Angeles
The PacSun Beach
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PacSun Beach

The PacSun Beach Ballyhoo Festival, LA, California

Retail giant PacSun hired a new CEO and CMO and decided to reinvigorate the brand to make it more relevant to their target customers, ages 16-24.

Ideally they wanted their consumers to equate PacSun as a key retailer that embodies the California lifestyle and the only place for summer essentials. They wanted to convey that they are more than a store – PacSun is a touchstone for music and action sports.

We were tasked with creating a unique and fun summer event that would be PacSun’s coming out party while also giving a platform for the heritage brand partners to express themselves under this unique retail umbrella. We concepted the event and named it the PacSun Beach Ballyhoo. A one-of-a-kind summer festival that brings together the most buzzed about bands, the most buzzed about brands, and the best riders in action sports for two days of art, music and sport experimentation. The only way in is to pick up your ticket at a PacSun store.

We used both traditional and non-traditional PR tactics to create buzz before the event, excite media on site and to secure editorial placements after the event.

PacSun is a leading lifestyle specialty retailer rooted in action sports and the youth culture of California.

The Fashion Store for Young Men and Women

The store caters to young men and women and sells casual apparel with a limited selection of accessories and footwear. The Company operates 852 stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico.

PacSun had done little to no media outreach in it’s 30 years as a retailer. The brand was making a lot of new changes and wanted to make the consumer was aware. By creating an event from the ground up, PacSun connected with consumers and media to reinforce PacSun’s dedication their lifestyle and needs. This event spoke to a range of verticals including music, fashion, lifestyle and endemic media.

The goal for this event was to promote PacSun in an original way by spreading the word and creating buzz about the Beach Ballyhoo event in Southern California as well as drive traffic to stores through target audience: consumers, editors, lifestyle editors, endemic, online, national media and bloggers. We also wanted to create buzz amongst industry insiders, consumers, and influencers. PacSun wanted to move into more of an aspirational age, so the target in this instance was 16-24 year olds.

The research included looking at the current trends in fashion, music, action sports and art and giving a strategic point of view to the client from our findings.

Our strategy included a mixture of both traditional and non-traditional tactics. We reached out to the wide media through a series of press releases, used our relationships with radio stations to develop ticket giveaways, we worked with the band management to maximize exclusive interviews with the festival bands. Additionally, we sent customized tickets to key celebs and influencers far in advance of the event to build excitement. We also utilized our street teams to hand out flyers, poster relevant locations and drive customers to stores to pick up their free tickets.

On site we handled all of the media wrangling for the bands and action sports components of the event as well as managing the step and repeat and VIP lounges.

The PR plan included heavy pre-event planning, which included band consultation, event look and feel, and strategy development.
During the activation phase we aligned with a number of street teams to distribute flyers and posters in high traffic areas in Los Angeles.

PR Strategy of the Festival

An additional component was engaging key celebrities and influencers before the event to commit to attending and to create buzz via social media outlets. We also organized a number of ticket giveaways with key radio stations and online media. The final component was drafting and distributing press releases to key media and handling all of the onsite PR activities. We built a very detailed PR strategy, which we followed closely to ensure that the event ran smoothly, efficiently, and successfully.

Over two days, attendance exceeded three times what was expected, totalling 20,000 attendees.
- 100,000 viewed the live webcast via pacsun.com.
- Secured over 160 million media impressions.
- Drove Back to School sales and traffic into PacSun stores.
- Started to change the perception of PacSun in the minds of young people.

Los Angeles