Emerson College by Thom Mayne of Morphosis (Los Angeles, CA)
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Emerson College in Los Angeles

Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts is renowned for its communications and arts programs. It has an impressive list of supportive alumni including: Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics; Bonnie Comley, the producer of Warhorse and the Merchant of Venice on Broadway; the actor Dennis Leary; and Max Mutchnick, the co-creator of the Emmy Award-winning sitcom Will and Grace.

With its deep connections to the entertainment industry, Emerson started offering courses in Burbank California in rented space 27 years ago. In March, the College will open a bold new building, a self-contained urban campus designed by Thom Mayne of Morphosis, on the famed Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

Emerson College in Los Angeles (California)

The building is a good fit for Emerson - an innovative structure to house its innovative programs. The 10-storey aluminum-clad building is comprised of two components; two vertical residential towers linked by a heliport that create and frame a void below into which is inserted a sculptural structure that houses classrooms and administrative space. Surrounding the sculpted form are a series of public spaces and multileveled terraces intended to spark cross disciplinary collaboration, impromptu social gatherings and host performances.

For the building’s design Mayne looked at the interiority of Hollywood film studios where typically vanilla box structures house flexible, fantastical spaces within. This building is the antithesis of that diagram with a facade that is as dynamic and provocative as the programs it houses.

Emerson College in Los Angeles, CA

The $85m, 120,000 square foot facility, which can house up to 217 students, features a host of innovative amenities that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue their creativity. Among these features are wired classrooms, an open air screening and live performance space, a Dolby Surround 7.1 audio post-production suite, a 4k screening room, computer labs, mixing suites and a planned green screen motion capture stage.

Emerson College

In addition to ramping up its offerings to students, Emerson Los Angeles (ELA) will also offer workshops and programs to the community. “We intend to be fully engaged with the City of Los Angeles and specifically the Hollywood community. Community service will be a big part of the new ELA,” said Founding Director Kevin Bright.

Emerson College (Los Angeles)

Anticipating LEED Gold certification, the building has a dynamic sun shading system that adapts to changing weather conditions to maintain optimal indoor temperature and natural light levels. Heating and cooling of the building is further optimized though an innovative passive valence system developed by Buro Happold.

Additional sustainable elements include recycled and renewable materials, low flow plumbing fixtures and a high performance glass curtain wall to minimize heat gain. Wrapping the building’s northwest corner is a living green wall that underscores the towers’ actively changing exterior skin.

Emerson College, Los Angeles

"The building is designed to expand the interactive, social aspects of education,” said Thom Mayne. “We focused on creating with the broader community in mind - both in terms of public space and sustainable design,” said Mayne. ELA opens in March.

Los Angeles
Hello, I'm Your Personal Lawyer Or Just Angel
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Personal lawyer

A personal lawyer is like a family doctor and a kind of «first aid», because the client can cause it to resolve any unexpected difficulties. A personal or family lawyer in most countries of the world has long been the norm of life. For example, in the state of California (US) more than 60 percent of habitants have the personal lawyer for everyday life. A personal lawyer is obliged to protect the interests of the client, and do these not only when there was such a need, but also pre-warn the client against any unintended consequences of their reckless action.

In everyday life, there is often a lot of situations that require competent and urgent decisions and in such cases very important to adopt the right attitude. For example, any answer given to police officers may be used against you in a court of law. In such cases, there is an urgent need call to personal lawyer who immediately will protect your interests.

Most people think that they may need the services of a professional defense only when there is an urgent need for this. A personal lawyer will become your constant companion in life, and at any moment will help you determine the legality of any of your actions. The personal lawyer you can call at any time of the day or night in the event of an emergency.

The personal lawyer is aware of the client all (or nearly all). Thereby, in this case, the protection will be more effective - because the lawyer does not need to get on the inside, and develop effective line of defense.

Los Angeles
The Californian Umbrellas
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THE UMBRELLA, LA, California

The Eco Project «UMBRELLA» (Los Angeles, California) has received the first $5,000 from LA Cleantech Corridor and Green District Competition. Participants of competition should offer concepts of transformation of the central part of a mega-city in the present generator of hybrid technologies and green innovations.

Project UMBRELLA developed by architects by Constantin Boincean, Ralph Bertram and Aleksandra Danielak, represents group of solar evaporators in the form of umbrellas-mushrooms which collect and recycle city sewage then again return on a streets by evaporation and condensation, promoting formation of a net of picturesque green public visual environments.

Unusual Californian Umbrellas

Los Angeles, CA

The vision of «the Corridor of High-Tech Eco-Technologies» — the multipurpose zone which will capture more 2,000 acres of land nearby of Los Angeles — have introduced about seventy participants — ecologists, architects, designers, experts in a visual environment, engineers, town-planners. UMBRELLA has been chosen, as the most professional and harmonious decision promoting the further development of an aesthetic and harmless urban environment.

Eco-Technologies of Silicon Valley

Eco technologies

Authors of the Eco project and organizers of competition hope that organic forms of UMBRELLA will serve as good stimulus for the further development of Los Angeles eco-design infrastructure.


Thus, each UMBRELLA becomes the coordination center for social events and actions and will be connected with the colleagues-twins by means of the City Net, including, new type of transport.

Los Angeles
Walt Disney Concert Hall
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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Building of the newest concert hall in Los Angeles has begun in December, 1999 and has been finished in 2003. Walt Disney Concert Hall project cost: about 170 million dollars. The design of building it was necessary to introduce some corrective amendments because of complaints of inhabitants of the near houses, because the steel panels will create strong sun rays, so in some apartments opposite there was an intolerable heat, and the temperature of a surface of sidewalk reached 60 °C.

Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Los Angeles