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You know, until I watched the press interviews on the promotional trial for Ironman, I didn't realise Robert Downey Jr was funny. I thought he was one of those Russel Crowe-types who is always serious and focused intently on the character, film and begrudgingly making it through any media commitments he has to do. However, in the months before Tropic Thunder's released videos of Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr sparring. Funny as Stiller is, Downey Jr was hilarious. The following video was posted on Empire Magazine's website a few hours ago and it looks at Downey Jr's transformation in to Kirk Lazarus for Tropic Thunder. Note the clips where Downey Jr is talking to the camera they made me rarf and rarf and rarf.

These days it feels like there's at least 50 terrible spoofs for every movie genre. Look no further than recent efforts: Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans, Epic Movie, Date Movie and so on. Majority of these are notoriously known as the worst reviewed films of the year thanks to the obvious, crude and unfunny puns that are littered throughout. However, it wasn't all bad. The first hugely popular movie to kick start the modern spoof film was Scary Movie. The sequel, Scary Movie 2, was also hilarious but from there things started to deteriorate within the franchise and spoof films stopped being funny.

A friend recommended I be brave and check out the trailer for the latest spoof movie, Dance Flick, which pokes fun at the tired genre of dance movies. To my surprise, the trailer is REALLY funny. It's not sharp, political satire but it is what it is. I've always found the Wayan brothers funny and I hope this is a return to form for them. Dance Flick is out later in Australia, in the second half of this year.

Thoughts? Feelings? Deepest, darkest secrets? The last part was a joke but I'm curious to know what everyone thought of the results. It was definitely a night for the underdog and suprisingly I think majority of the awards went to the right people, for once! It's good to see the Golden Globes give two awards to Kate Winslet because although she definitely deserved them, the judging panels tend to steer away from awarding the same actor twice. I must admit I'm dissapointed James Franco didn't win for Pineapple Express but Colin Farrell's performance was definitely better and I'm SO SO SO stoked he got the globe for it!

And kudos to Anna Paquin, now she has another Globe to go with the others (and her Oscar) for her role in the vampire tv series True Blood, based on the cult Sookie Stockhouse novels. Get a Woody! It's nice to see what I thought was Woody Allen's return to form Vicky Cristina Barcelona getting the chops it sincerely deserves. Good on ya Woody and lets keep the good work up. But, the night was all about HEATH LEDGER and director Chris Nolan accepted the award for best supporting actor on his behalf. Lets hope this winning momentum carries through to the Oscars where Heath SHOULD win best supporting actor.

In conclusion, I don't think I can ever remember being so satisfied with the results of an awards ceremony. No doubt, I wanted Milk to pick up a few awards however Slumdog Millionaire is apparently brilliant and a worthy winner. The official Oscar nominations are being released on Tuesday, January 20 and I think it's about time The Dark Knight gets nominated for best motion picture. Just because it's an action film and not an emotional drama, that doesn't make its brilliance any less warranted. Come on Academy, give it the nod it clearly deserves.

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